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We take the hassle out of doing expenses while saving you money and offering cash back.

Make expenses rewarding today!


Manage all your expenses and start earning cash back rewards today.

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Track and monitor your employees expenses to see where you can save.

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4.6 average user rating
“The Spent app has a dual purpose for people with dual lives—working professional by day, managing family budget by night. Getting cash back on everyday expenses doesn't hurt either…”
“The Spent app is a great app that helps showcase where your money is going and help establish budgets.”
“I wish other expense management apps did all that SPENT does… It would make our staff more diligent in doing their expenses and prevent us from incurring all these late fees.”
“I like this app. Show me the money!”
“Good way to organize. So easy!”
“Love it. Awesome app!”
“Really good app. I use it to manage my expenses, keep track of my spendings and the nice thing is that I get cashback.”
“The best transaction monitoring app I have ever used!”

Getting you from point A to point B without saving the receipts.

SPENT eReceipt™


Driver: “Do you need a receipt?”
SPENT user: “No thanks!”


Just swipe the expense. For purchases under $75.00 SPENT creates a digital receipt copy. Swipe the expense with eReceipt to mark it “personal” or “business” spending.

Taking a client to lunch? Say no to the receipt when you use SPENT.

SPENT Receipt Pair™
SPENT Cash Back™


Waiter: “Do you need a receipt?”
SPENT user: “No thanks. I’ll just snap a photo of this receipt.”


Pay for lunch with a linked personal or corporate card. Get instant notification for 10.0% cash back. Swipe expense with paired receipt.

Guaranteed lowest rate when you book with SPENT

SPENT Travel Booking™
SPENT Receipt Retriever™
SPENT Cash Back™


To get guaranteed lowest rate on hotel and expense it automatically.


Book hotel through SPENT. Receipt is retrieved from your inbox and paired with the expense—just swipe it! Plus you get a 6.0% cash back bonus!

Taking clients out to the game? Expense it automatically with SPENT.

SPENT Event Booking™
SPENT Receipt Retriever™
SPENT Cash Back™


Take your customer out, get event tickets expensed with cash back.


Book event through SPENT. Receipt is retrieved from your inbox and paired with the expense—just swipe it! Plus you get a 4.0% cash back bonus!

Getting your kids something nice or splurging on Christmas gifts? Earn as you gift.

SPENT Cash Back™


Get cash back from shopping the brands you already love.


Access the in-app shop online tab, and start shopping from our 3,500 online brands to get cash back.

Swipe Your Expenses

Right for Business and Left for Personal

  • Link your bank so we can send your everyday expenses for review.
  • Swipe your expenses left and right to organize them with business and personal folders.
  • Most accurate expense categorization

Manage Your Expenses

No Expense Reports with Business and Personal Folders

  • Organize your expenses with business and personal folders, and share your business folders to get paid.
  • Automated eReceipts under $75.00
  • Advanced scanner without data entry for cash expenses

Know Where Your Money Goes

Our statistics feature let’s you see where your money goes. Use the feature to keep your spending in check and learn more about where you spend.

  • Learn more about where you spend.
  • Keep your spending in check.
  • Create budgets by category.

The Best Cash Back Around

Whether you’re booking your next trip, dining out or shopping online, SPENT offers up to 25% cash back on your total spend! Shop your favorite brands, including Groupon and Booking.com along with 3,500 other customer favorites!


Here at SPENT, keeping your personal information safe and secure is our top priority.
When you register with us, rest assured that the following measures and safeguards are in place:


SPENT guarantees a secure experience by encrypting information, so you never have to worry about prying eyes.

Privacy Protection

All the information you disclose to SPENT remains private. We never sell your data to 3rd parties.

PCI Compliance

SPENT manages all card numbers in a PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant environment.

Secure Hosting

SPENT’s platform maintains multiple security certifications from Amazon Web Services.

Secure Bank Connections

SPENT only maintains bank connections through trusted financial API (Application Programming Interface) partners.

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