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Cash back

  • How can I earn cash back?
    1. In-store cash back: This includes thousands of restaurants across the US as well as a growing list of national brands such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Groupon and Amazon. Our linked-cards technology means you will are notified with the cash back amount immediately when you make a purchase at a partner location. To receive in-store cash back link your card with the SPENT app.
    2. Online cash back: Once finalized, our digital partnership that will include 90% of the online shopping market in the U.S including Walmart, Amazon and Groupon and many more. We also partner with 229 airlines, 29 car rental companies and over 900,000 hotels. Book your travel with us and earn you up to 6% cash back.
  • Where’s my cash back?
    You can see your cash back balance within the my profile section on the app. Each cash back purchase is listed with the amount and date when the cash back will be available to redeem.
  • How much do I have to spend to receive rewards or cash back?
    There is no minimum spend required to earn or redeem your rewards.
  • Do I receive a notification when I earn cash back?
    To receive a notification whenever you earn cash back please allow notifications from the SPENT app. Your cash back summary and purchase details are available within my profile in the app.
  • I requested cash back payment to my PayPal account. How long until it’s in my account?
    The payment itself is close to real time. Depending on your PayPal settings, you may be required to accept the payment manually. If there are actions required you will receive an email from Paypal with instructions.
  • How do I cancel my travel booking?
    Since we’re a third party, you’ll use the confirmation code from your booking confirmation email to cancel any bookings made in error. Directly contact the site you booked on to cancel or modify your reservations.

Expense management

  • How do I create folders to organize my documents?
    With the menu bar on the app select Browse Folders, then tap create folder on bottom of screen to add a new folder. You can also designate that folder as your default before saving it.
  • How can I create expenses for cash purchases?
    To create an expense from a cash purchase, snap an image of the receipt to create the transaction. No receipt? No problem, just tap “New cash expense” to manually enter details into the expense editor.
  • Why was my expense rejected?
    Open the expense to read the rejection explanation from the approver. If more information is needed, we recommend you contact the approver directly for more details. We’re currently working on a way for you to speak directly to your approver within app.
  • I deleted an expense or report by accident. How can I get it back?
    Woops! Luckily all deleted expenses can be found in your trash folder, found in the folder view. Open the trash folder to open the deleted expense you want to see. Tap the restore icon to return it to the home view.
  • I put an expense in wrong folder
    You can re-categorize an expense in the expense detail screen.
  • Where can I find an image of a receipt I snapped and saved?
    You can retrieve receipt images in your profle under image gallery. Alternatively, open the associated expense and click “edit” then “choose receipt image” to link the desired image.


  • What is Quickbooks integration?
    If you use Quickbooks Online we can automatically send payment transactions made with built-in reimbursement directly to your Quickbooks accounting system. Details of the expenses being reimbursed will be recorded in Quickbooks Online. Currently integration is available for Quickbooks Online only.
  • How do I enable Quickbooks?
    Enabling Quickbooks Online is simply. First enable and configure built-in reimbursement on your SPENT dashboard. From there follow the prompts on our integrations page. Allow SPENT to access your Quickbooks account, then pick the specific bank account in Quickbooks you want to use for reimbursement. Then map SPENT categories to specific general ledger accounts in Quickbooks online and you are ready to go.

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