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Company Administrator


Create A Business Account

Set yourself or company up for free. Link your bank account and credit cards to have your transactions imported for quick expensing.

Invite Employees

Once you have signed up your company you can invite as many employees as you’d like to download the app and register. When an employee installs SPENT they will have an expense folder linked to your company so they can start to submit expenses.

Swipe Your Expenses

Once you’ve installed and registered for SPENT you can view all your transactions on the app. Swipe an expense right for business and left for personal.

Organize With Folders

Create folders to organize each expense-customize by client, project, team. Each expense can be added to folder when you swipe, plus employees can submit expenses through shared folders.

Receipt Capture

Take a picture of your receipts or email them to receipts@spentapp.com and the app will match the receipt with your purchase. Never wonder again what the charge was for!

Create Cash Expenses

Paid in cash? Simply snap a photo of the receipt and let SPENT automatically create a new expense for you. Threw out the receipt? SPENT will create an e-receipt for purchase under $75 with one click.

Earn Cash Back

Get rewarded for your spending – at work or at home. With thousands of places online and in your neighborhood to earn cash back up of up to 25% the dollars really add up! And that is on top of what you earn on a rewards card.

Scale Your Business

With full financial visibility, figure out where your money is going and how to plan for growth.


Analyze spending patterns, whether by employee or category in order to better understand where money is going. SPENT provides complete breakdowns of your spending so you gain the knowledge needed to making smarter financial decisions.

Track Business Deductions

Maximize your business deductions and make tax preparation quick and painless.  With easy business tracking and receipt capture you’ll feel confident you have accounted for every purchase.


Reimburse employees for submitted and approved expenses immediately by integrating Quickbooks to your SPENT account.

Let’s get started

SPENT is expense management the way it should be. More of what you love is just a few clicks away.