Simple and Secure Set-Up

We have partnered with thousands financial institutions to securely connect to your credit and debit accounts. By connecting your account, your expenses will be pulled into the app and automatic cash back will be activated.

Automated Updates

Once your accounts are connected, you will have access to your up-to-date transaction history, with each expense categorized. And all data pulled into SPENT Money is encrypted, using SSL for peace of mind.

Your Data is Safe

We can only view transactions you have made. We cannot initiate any.

We do not see, or display, credit card numbers, so there is never a risk of them being stolen.

Any data passed between SPENT and your phone is encrypted using SSL.

Lock the app with a pincode to protect your information even if your phone is lost.

Organize Expenses On-The-Go

SPENT Money allows you to customize how you organize your expenses. Create folders for projects, clients, personal events or whatever you'd like to track and easily classify each expense.

Analyze Your Spending

Understand your cash flow, by category or broken down between business and personal. You can see what your money is going and identify opportunities to save.

Personalize Where You Earn Cash Back

Every month you can select from a list of featured brands. You will earn 1% cash back automatically on those you pick by simply shopping, and that's on top of whatever store or card loyalty program you may be enrolled in!

Earn at Local Shops & Restaurants

Plus, there are thousands of local shops and restaurants on top of the 3 you selected where you can earn up to 15% off cash back by using the same credit or debit account you connected.

Easily Redeem Your Cash

Your accumulating cash is shown on in your profile on the app. Redeem with a few clicks to your PayPal account and the money will almost instantly be available in your PayPal account. (Sometimes PayPal checks the transfer and might take few hours to one day).

FREE to install. FREE to use.