SPENT For Business

Automate your company's expense report creation and approval process. Our solution securely connects employees using the SPENT Money app with your company’s online dashboard so expense reports can be approved and reimbursed quickly and easily.
Visibility & Insight

Control and understand your company finances.

Powerful Integrations

Connect up partner products to create the financial system that works best for you.

Expense Approvals

Easily identify pending reports. Approve individual expenses or bulk reports.

Built-in Reimbursements

Repay employees fast for their submitted expenses with SPENTs built-in reimbursements.

Simple Expense Reporting

Employees can record expenses with receipt capture and e-receipts for expenses under $75. And submit expenses with on the go expense reports.

Administrator Dashboard

With a few clicks review and approve pending expense reports in your inbox or when an expense is not eligible or needs further information you can decline along with request or note.

Company Spending Analytics

Get greater visibility into your Company’s expenditures with detailed analytics of employee or category-specific spending patterns.