Travel Smart and Earn Online Cash Back

When planning your next vacation, look no further than SPENT. Our expense management app is also a one-stop-shop for booking travel. You’ll save money as well by earning Online cashback of up to 6% of the cost of your hotel. You’ll also earn cash back on car rentals and get the best price on flights to your destination.

While we’re on the subject of flights, here are some cost-saving tips when booking air travel.

Book tickets early

Those who buy tickets anywhere from one to three months in advance will save the most money. Set up email alerts from travel sites to get updates on price changes.

Travel in low season

Travel off-season, and you’ll find bargains. Not only will your flights be less expensive, but your destination will be a lot less crowded too.

Similarly, travelers can book flights in the middle of the week to receive discounted prices. Most people prefer traveling on the weekend, whether it’s for business or pleasure, so you never know what discounts await on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Mix and match your flights

Two one-way tickets can cost more than a single round-trip fare. Mix and match your airlines to find the times that suit you best and give you the lowest price. It’s a good way to have flexibility in your itinerary and not be locked into one flight plan; fly out and back with different airlines or from different airports.

Beat the baggage fees

Another way you can save money on flights is to avoid being over the baggage limit. Weigh your bag before you leave home and take out unnecessary items. If you’re worried about baggage charges, you can wear your extra items instead of putting them into your suitcase and use your carry-on luggage.

If you’ve got some cost-saving tips, then leave a comment below!

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