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Meet Cary Strange: Chief Revenue Officer

When Cary Strange was fresh out of college his dad, a successful VC, helped him launch a software company. He’s been in the start-up world ever since, having been involved in about a dozen start-ups and early stage companies, with roughly half of those ventures ending in successful exits. Not a bad track record. As Chief … Continued


New SPENT Features You Need Right Now!

One of the great things about working at SPENT is being part of a team that’s hardwired to innovate. We’re always looking for new ways to provide added value to freelancers and business owners. Take expense reimbursement for example. Typically, an employee submits a report, then waits, and waits, and yes waits until next payroll … Continued


Creating Value for Millennial Entrepreneurs

Last month our Chief Marketing Officer, Julie Galvin, spoke at the Cardlinx Reinventing Retail conference in Dallas. The event brought together leading merchants and tech companies from mobile, digital advertising and card-linking to discuss emerging opportunities for retailers and merchants. Julie spoke to a packed room about the opportunity to reach millennial entrepreneurs who are … Continued