Ditch that Ledger!

To kick off our Time Well SPENT series, we invited Sarah Rodgers, Founder & CEO of Empower Change NYC to talk to us about her experience with our product.  Empower Change NYC focuses on personal and professional change management. Whether it’s coaching clients on career development, health and wellness or advising small businesses on growing their business, she’s up for dealing with positive change.

Before founding her company, Sarah worked in the financial services sector. She was the person who made sure the bills were paid on time, overseeing everything from tracking receipts and categorizing expenses to managing all the different accounting principles that went a long with it. According to her, it was one big headache.

Now she manages her own company’s expenses. Before SPENT, she did it the old-fashioned way – manually entering all transactions into a general ledger. But when her daily transactions began to increase, she looked for a better solution.

Sarah has been using SPENT for a few weeks now and she’s noticed a big difference. “I love that things pop up on my phone in real time,” she said. “On a daily basis, I can see what I’m spending. Otherwise, I’m asking myself – what have I spent? Where’s my receipt? How do I categorize that?”

Admittedly old-school, it takes Sarah a little time to warm up to apps. But she likes the ease and automation of SPENT, as well as the added benefit of cash back and plans to continue using it going forward. According to her, she’ll also recommend it to clients. You can’t ask for much more than that!

Mark Scherzer

Mark Scherzer is a writer and communications expert with over 15 years of experience. He’s worked for Fortune 500 companies, produced content for digital startups, written for television, created curricula for education companies and developed programs for non-profits. He is also the author of “Hire Me, Hollywood” published by Adams media, a division of Simon and Schuster.
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