8 Reasons Why SPENT is the Best Shopping App

Almost everything you spend money on, you can earn money back. From having your morning coffee to riding with UBER and from doing your daily shopping to dining at restaurants, you can get cash back with SPENT.

Are you using SPENT for the first time? We wanted to help you discover all the ways you can earn cash back automatically and for free.

Here are the reasons why SPENT members are happy to use the app every day for every purchase and earn cash back in multiple ways.

1. You can get Cash Back from Eating Out and Getting UBER

Do you usually eat out or do you happen to get an UBER twice a week from long night parties? Well, that is already $402.90 of cash back. Let’s do some math…

From eating out 5 times a week for every week of the year you earn $382.50. From getting an UBER 2 times a week you earn $20. 4. It’s a lot of money which you can easily earn using a simple app. It’s so easy and so convenient.

2. You can get Cash Back from Drinking Coffee

Another typical activity: coffee – that magic drink that wakes you up in the morning and gives you energy during the day. Five cups of coffee a week at 10% gives you $76.50 cash reward over the whole year. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. So from now on, you don’t have to feel guilty about drinking too much coffee because you will know that you will get money back. Isn’t that great?

3. You can get Cash Back from Buying Groceries

However, as much as coffee is great for getting the weekdays started, we still need to buy groceries for the rest of the week. And that also is a cost which in the long-term can stack up. So why not earn money? Are you interested to know how much you can earn by buying vegetables, meat, fish and much more? The answer is that if you pay $75 of shopping a week for a year you earn a total of $114.75 cash back! That’s a lot of saving!

4. You can get Cash Back from Shopping Electronics, Furniture and Home Supplies

Let’s move to the weekend activities. Do you like to go shopping? You can also earn money from buying electronics, furniture or home supplies. For instance, when buying electronics with $1500 per year you earn $105. Whereas in case you are planning to change your home interior, with $1000 of furniture per year you earn $70. Finally, if you need new home supplies, you can easily earn $25 cash back when paying $500 per year.

5. You can get Cash Back from Seeing Concerts and Matches

When it comes to the evening activities, we are happy to say that it’s also possible to get cash back from concerts and matches. If for example, you go 4 times a year to see any sports match or concert at $75 a piece you get $15 of cash back.

6. You can get Cash Back from Staying at Hotels

Looking for something more exotic instead? With SPENT travel, you get $600 of cash back when staying at a hotel 20 days per year. You can choose from the simplest to the most luxurious hotels on your dream holiday in your dream location.

7. You can get Cash Back from Filling Up the Car

To reach these hotels or simply to go to work, we very often decide to take the car. Even filling up the car is not expensive anymore. With SPENT app you get $14.4 cash back when filling up the car with $120 per month.

8. Earn Extra Cash Rewards with Spent Pay Electronic Gift Cards

Spent Pay™ is a new way to buy and pay with electronic gift cards, earn extra cash back and pay with the mobile application in-store or online. Over 1000 brands with 86,000 locations in the U.S.

To Sum Up

With SPENT everything becomes affordable and easy for you to earn back thousands of dollars by having Spent on your mobile and why our members are so happy about it. If you haven’t tried it before, we strongly suggest you do.


Sonia Kinsley

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