Using a Business Expenses App to Automate and Speed up Expense Reporting

Running a business is a demanding task and good financial management is crucial to your company’s success. Using a business expenses app such as SPENT gives you a competitive edge.

Streamline Your Business Finances with a Business Expenses App

With SPENT, an emerging leader in the expense management space, you can easily organize your team’s finances and save yourself and your company time and money. This expense management app not only allows you to automate how you manage your business expenses and track all your purchases quickly and accurately, but it also helps you earn cash back rewards on the business purchases that you normally make!

SPENT utilizes state of the art card-linking technology and partners with thousands of retailers and brands to deliver the best value. Book your business trips with SPENT and earn cash back on hotels, save money on flights and have a complete record of your expenses at your fingertips!

Managing Your Business Expenses with SPENT

SPENT is an automated business expenses app that helps you avoid inaccuracies in your financial reports. Have you ever thought how great it would be if you could monitor all your business expenses in real time? That’s not a problem with SPENT! Simply link your credit card or your bank account to the app and never lose control of your expenses again. Every dollar spent will automatically pop up on your screen.

SPENT also has the solution for handling all those annoying receipts. If you’ve paid by credit card, simply take a photo of the receipt and pair it with the expense once it shows up. If you’ve paid by cash, let the app create an expense for you. All your information on our expense management app is secure, so there’s no need to worry about ever losing your data. Our encrypted environment guarantees that your sensitive data is always protected.

Using SPENT to Earn Cash back on Your Online and In-Store Purchases

SPENT understands that business trips can make up a significant part of your budget. So we’ve created a tool that lets you seamlessly book travel while earning cash back. For example, we’ve partnered with, the world leader in booking accommodations online. Booking your hotel stay with SPENT allows you to earn up to 6% in cash back!

Overall, our online cash back program covers about 90% of the shopping market in the US. Booking a business trip with SPENT also means earning rewards from numerous hotels and airlines across the nation. Need a rental car? SPENT has partnerships with 29 rental companies This means more cash back rewards as you travel.

SPENT also has deals with online retailers, offering up to 25% cash back on many everyday purchases.

However, SPENT is not limited to online purchases. We know that not infrequently the most important business connections are made over a meal. With SPENT, you can easily find a suitable place to host a dinner for your business partners and enjoy restaurant cash back! Simply log into our app, choose a restaurant that offers cash back near you, and earn your reward while you wine and dine with your new client.

Running your business has never been more rewarding. Download our free business expenses app now to organize your finances and start earning cash back!